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Huatai Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned sports industry group controlled by the Chinese Olympic Committee. It was established in 1993 with a registered capital of 270 million yuan.

The company covers eight business segments, including sports construction, stadium operation, property and physical assets management, sports technology, sports events, sports tourism, finance and new business incubation.

Huatai Group focuses on the sports industry, its business covers the whole industry chain of sports facilities construction, and has a strong market influence in the industry. The company provides customers with integrated solutions including consultation, feasibility study, planning and design, project management, stadium intelligence, construction, supervision, standardized service, operation and maintenance throughout the whole process of stadium construction, and operates a number of large domestic sports construction projects as a special general contractor. Rich practical experience in sports venue operation, organizing and organizing sports events and large-scale sports exhibition service business; At the same time, we continue to innovate business models, expand emerging businesses, and make breakthroughs in e-sports, Internet + sports, sports training, sports education, sports tourism, high-tech sports products and equipment research and development.

In recent years, the Group has focused on the work requirements of the General Administration of Sport, focused on the pilot objectives and functional positioning, guided by improving the efficiency of state-owned capital operation, served the strategy of the General Administration of Sport, followed the rules of the market, and focused on building a market-oriented and professionalized state-owned assets operation platform.


Established in 2003 in Beijing, Huatie International Culture & Tourism (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huatie Group Co., LTD., which is controlled by the Chinese Olympic Committee. Relying on the powerful platform of General Administration of Sport of China, huatie International Culture & Tourism (Beijing) Co., LTD. Undertake the group sports tourism development responsibility, is committed to building China's sports tourism industry resources integration platform.

Company with "sports tourism" fu can depth as an objective, make body brigade major IP projects around, organize sports exhibition and BBS, conduct sports studies and training, operational theme hotel four major business lines, the sports industry resources from many angles, deep assigned to every link of the tourism industry, brand and advantages in China resources to promote sustainable development of tour destination, It will help improve the quality and upgrade the supply side of the sports tourism industry and stimulate the consumption potential of sports tourism.


We will implement the policy of making China a strong country in sports and revitalize the development of sports and tourism

Promote the upgrading of sports consumption and help domestic main body circulation

Help the government upgrade the industrial structure of the economy


1. Support from domestic and foreign official institutions, covering core elements such as policies, projects and IP content

Group relying on China sports industry resource advantages and its own years of experience accumulation, China international operations throughout the sports tourism resources of the whole industry chain, including but not limited to all levels of departments in charge of sports, travel, domestic and foreign each individual sport association, international organizations, to provide body project policies, programs and content resources needed for the support, Can effectively help the implementation and improvement of project planning.

2. Three-dimensional and rich partner resources: media, leading enterprises, star athletes, etc

Hti International has accumulated rich resources in the fields of sports, culture and tourism, such as media, industry leading enterprises and athletes. Through various forms of cooperation, hTI international can achieve all-round and three-dimensional coverage of different groups and effectively expand the influence of projects in market communication and brand building.


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