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The countdown of 2021 service Trade Fair is one month!

China International Trade In Services (CIFTS) 2021 media Briefing was held in Shougang Industrial Park on August 1, one month before the countdown to the opening of ciFTS 2021. Sun Yao, director of Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center and deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, disclosed at the meeting that the preparations for 2021 Service Trade Fair are being carried out in all aspects and in a solid way. Up to now, the overall completion rate of the exhibition has exceeded 90%.




Sun Yao introduced that at present, the work of inviting business and exhibition, exhibition and forum and conference organization of the 2021 Service Trade Fair is being carried out in a planned and step-by-step way. At the same time, news and publicity, venue construction, environmental protection, transportation, guest reception, epidemic prevention and control, and other urban operation and service guarantee work is also being advanced to a high standard.

Up to now, the overall completion rate of the 2021 Service Trade Fair has exceeded 90%, with the world top 500 and industry leading enterprises accounting for 48%; The internationalization rate is nearly 30%.

In terms of international investment and exhibition, 165 overseas and china-based institutions from 108 overseas countries and regions have confirmed to participate in the exhibition online and offline, involving 81 countries that have signed agreements with China on jointly building the Belt and Road, and institutions from 29 countries and regions among the top 30 countries and regions in service trade have participated. Among them, 157 overseas and China-based organizations from 105 overseas countries and regions have confirmed to hold exhibitions online and offline. In terms of international organizations, 26 international organizations have confirmed their participation in the exhibition, of which 21 will hold exhibitions or international forums.




In terms of inviting domestic investment, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, 5 cities separately listed in the plan, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have all confirmed to participate in the exhibition, and 37 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have all completed the formation of trade groups. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei joint exhibition will continue, with Zhejiang and Shanxi as guest of honor and theme provinces respectively.

In terms of exhibitions, 38 overseas countries and 5 international organizations have confirmed to hold exhibitions in comprehensive exhibitions and national exhibitions. Digital service zone, Amazon, Canon, Life, Qualcomm, Ali, Jing Oriental and other 48 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and institutions signed up for the exhibition, including the world's top 500 12, 15 industry leading enterprises, accounting for 56%. In terms of 8 special exhibitions, 716 enterprises have confirmed to participate offline or online, the offline recruitment completion rate is 92%, and the overall internationalization rate is nearly 25%, including 45 world top 500 enterprises and 285 industry leading enterprises, accounting for 46%.

In terms of forum meetings, IN 2021, TRADE in Services will plan various forum meetings around global hotspots such as digital economy, carbon neutrality, epidemic prevention and health. So far, six summits have been confirmed, which will be held by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development Research Center of The State Council and the World Tourism Cities Federation. Various subjects applied to hold 188 forum meetings and promotional negotiations, including 104 forum meetings and 84 promotional negotiations. The relevant thematic undertaking institutions, district government and enterprises applied to hold 9 side events. Up to now, 70 important guests from home and abroad have confirmed their participation. Alibaba, HP, Tencent, Pfizer and other well-known enterprises confirmed to release new technologies, new achievements, new services, released content covering carbon neutrality, Internet of Things, digital healthcare, fintech, network security, artificial intelligence, Internet media and other aspects.


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