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Circular of The State Council on the issuance of the National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)



People's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under The State Council, and institutions directly under The State Council:

The National Fitness Plan (2021-2025) is now printed and distributed to you. Please earnestly implement it according to the actual situation of your region and department.

The State Council

July 18, 2021

National fitness program

"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the national fitness deep implementation of national strategy, the national fitness public service level increased significantly, the national fitness facilities gradually increased, the enthusiasm of the masses through fitness health promoting growing, often take part in physical exercise proportion reached 37.2%, health and sports power construction new strides in China. At the same time, problems such as unbalanced development of national fitness areas and inadequate supply of public services still exist. In order to promote the development of national fitness at a higher level and better meet the fitness and health needs of the people, this plan is formulated in accordance with the Regulations on National Fitness.

一、General requirements
(一)The guiding ideology.New era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping thoughts as the instruction, implements and realizes the party in the 19th and the 19th session of 2, 3, 4, fifth plenary session of the spirit, adhere to the people as the center, adhere to the new development concept, further implement the strategy of health of China and the national fitness national strategy, accelerate the construction of sports power, build a higher level of the national fitness public service system, We should give full play to the comprehensive value and multiple functions of national fitness in improving people's health, promoting human development in all aspects, promoting economic and social development, and demonstrating the soft power of national culture.

(二)Development goals.By 2025, the public service system for national fitness will be improved, it will be more convenient for people to exercise, and enthusiasm for fitness will be further increased. The number of participants in various sports programs will continue to increase, and the proportion of people who take regular exercise will reach 38.5%. Public fitness facilities at county (city, district), township (sub-district) and administrative village (community) levels and 15-minute community fitness circles have been fully covered, and there are 2.16 social sports instructors per 1,000 people, driving the total scale of the national sports industry to reach 5 trillion yuan.

二、The main task

(三)We will increase the supply of public fitness facilities.We formulated an overall plan for building a national trail system and guidelines for building sports parks, supervised local governments in drawing up five-year action plans to strengthen weak links in building fitness facilities, and implemented a project to strengthen weak links in building fitness facilities for all. We should make good use of idle urban land, use public welfare land for construction purposes, support the use of leased land, advocate the use of land in combination, fully tap the potential of existing construction land, and plan for the construction of sites and facilities close to communities and accessible to them. More than 2,000 sports parks, national fitness centers, public stadiums and other fitness facilities will be built or renovated, and over 5,000 national fitness facilities in towns and townships (streets) will be completed, a number of people's skating rinks will be built, and more than 1,000 public stadiums will be digitally upgraded.

We will carry out the action to improve the opening service of public stadiums and gymnasiums, control the number of large stadiums and gymnasiums, establish and improve the operation and management mechanism of stadiums and gymnasiums, transform and improve the hardware facilities of stadiums and gymnasiums, make the emergency shelter (insurance) function conversion plan of stadiums and gymnasiums, and improve the utilization efficiency of stadiums and gymnasiums. We will strengthen the evaluation and supervision of the opening and use of public stadiums and gymnasiums, optimize the performance management of stadiums and gymnasiums that are open to the public for free or at low fees, and strengthen the performance evaluation of stadiums and gymnasiums that are open to the young, the elderly and the disabled. We will open school stadiums and gymnasiums to the public at a time when COVID-19 prevention and control is on a regular basis.

(四)A wide range of national fitness events will be held.The National Games will be held, and the national fitness conference and national community Games will be held. We will continue to carry out theme activities such as the National New Year ascent, the inscription to commemorate Comrade MAO Zedong's "Develop sports and improve the people's health", the National Fitness Day, the "Grand Canal" national fitness walk, the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival, and the promotion and popularization of winter sports among the masses. We will consolidate and expand the achievements of "300 million people participating in ice and snow sports", vigorously develop the "three Balls" sport, and promote the popularization of football at the county level. Formulate guidelines for running and participating sports events, organize amateur tournaments for sports events, popularize sports culture, and develop sports population. We will support the holding of various sports events for the disabled and carry out sports and fitness activities that integrate the disabled with the disabled. We will support local areas to use their own resources to cultivate the brand of national fitness events, encourage the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and the Chengdus-Chongqing Twin Cities Economic circle to jointly build the brand of national fitness events, and promote the coordinated development of national fitness events among regions.

(五)We will improve the level of scientific fitness guidance services.We will implement the system of monitoring people's physical fitness, setting national standards for physical exercise and investigating the status of national fitness activities. Open online science fitness lecture hall. Encourage sports stars and other sports professionals to participate in fitness science popularization activities. Soliciting and promoting sports popular science works to promote the research and popularization of scientific fitness knowledge and methods. Develop the standard and evaluation system of sports level for the general public. We will deepen the reform of the management system for social sports instructors, appropriately lower the entry threshold, expand the size of the team, and improve the guidance service rate and scientific fitness guidance service level. We will carry forward the spirit of national fitness volunteer service, carry out online and offline volunteer services, launch national fitness volunteer service projects with local characteristics, and build a national fitness volunteer service brand.

(六)To stimulate the vitality of social sports organizations.We will improve the network of national fitness organizations with sports associations at all levels as the hub, individual, industrial and crowd sports associations at all levels as the support, and grass-roots sports organizations as the main body. We will focus on strengthening the development of community-level sports organizations, encourage sports associations to extend to towns and townships (subdistricts), and encourage social sports organizations of all kinds to submerge into administrative villages (communities). We will increase government procurement of services from social sports organizations, and guide social sports organizations to participate in government procurement of public services for national fitness. The "Three Balls" with stable team, active organization and high professional quality, such as table tennis, badminton, cycling, running and other spontaneous national fitness social organizations are provided with support in terms of venues, coaches, training and grade evaluation. The popularization of sports events is regarded as the main evaluation index of individual sports association.

(七)Promote fitness activities for key groups.Youth sports activities to promote program implementation, promote the youth sports "health package" project, carry out the intervention according to their adolescent myopia and obesity problem, reasonable adjustment for minors to use standard of facilities, equipment, equipped with public sports facilities in the community, parks, green space and other public places, equipped with suitable for preschool children's big development and exercise equipment. Improve fitness facilities for aging, research and promote sports fitness and leisure projects suitable for the elderly, and organize and carry out sports events suitable for the elderly. We will improve the accessibility of public fitness facilities and carry out rehabilitation and fitness activities for persons with disabilities. We will promote fitness activities for farmers and women.

(八)We will promote high-quality development of the sports industry.We will optimize the industrial structure, and accelerate the formation of a modern sports industry system with fitness, leisure and competition performances as the leading role, and high-end manufacturing and modern service industries in integrated development. We will promote the digital transformation of the sports industry, encourage sports enterprises to "use numbers in the cloud to empower wisdom", and promote the coordinated transformation of the whole industry chain through data. Promote the concentration of sports resources to high-quality enterprises, cultivate a number of "specialized, specialized and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, "gazelle" enterprises and "invisible" enterprises in the fields of fitness facilities supply, event organization, fitness equipment RESEARCH and development and manufacturing, and encourage qualified enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger with a single enterprise as the goal. We will vigorously develop the sports industry, actively cultivate sports industries such as outdoor sports and smart sports, and give birth to more new products, new business forms and new models. On the basis of national sports consumption pilot cities, we will select a number of national sports consumption demonstration cities, give full play to the role of these pilot cities and demonstration cities, encourage localities to innovate sports consumption policies, mechanisms, models and products, increase the supply of quality sports products and services, and promote the return of high-end sports consumption.

(九)We will promote the integrated development of national fitness.

Deepen the integration of physical education. We will improve the physical education teaching mode in schools and ensure that students have one hour of physical activity each day in and out of school. We will integrate youth sports events at all levels and of various types, and improve the system of youth sports events divided by grades and across regions. We will intensify efforts to build high-quality sports teams in schools with traditional sports characteristics, sports schools of all types and at all levels, and colleges and universities, and vigorously train physical education teachers and coaches. We will standardize the development of social organizations for youth sports and encourage and support the development of youth sports clubs.

Promote the integration of body and defense. Explore the establishment of sports and health departments, such as coordination, the whole society to participate in the health promotion model. We will extend the coverage of integrated health and physical services to the community level, and support the establishment of scientific fitness clinics in community medical and health institutions. To promote innovation in theories, technologies and practices of physical and health integration, and promote exercise intervention programs and methods for common chronic diseases. We will promote typical experiences in integrated development of health and physical education.

Promote the integration of sports and tourism. By popularizing and promoting outdoor sports such as ice and snow, mountain outdoor, aviation, water, marathon, bicycle, automobile and motorcycle, we will build and improve relevant facilities and expand the supply of sports tourism products and services. A number of influential sports tourism routes, events and demonstration bases will be built to guide the development of national sports tourism demonstration areas and help rural revitalization.

(十)Create a social atmosphere for national fitness.We will promote a nationwide fitness culture, step up the creation and delivery of public service advertisements, vigorously promote the spirit of sports, and tell fitness stories. We will strengthen incentives to encourage the whole nation to keep fit, explore the establishment of a unified national "sports bank" system and individual sports codes, develop a scientific sports scoring system with unified standards, issue certificates to those who meet the national physical exercise standards and sports level standards, and encourage the issuance of sports vouchers to the masses. We will establish model cities and counties (cities and districts) for national sports and fitness. We will strengthen international exchanges on national fitness, jointly hold national fitness events with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, encourage traditional Chinese sports such as martial arts, dragon boat, Go and health qigong to "go global", and encourage local communities to conduct exchanges on national fitness with sister cities abroad.

三、Safeguard measures

(十一)Strengthen organizational leadership.We will strengthen the Party's leadership over national fitness work, give full play to the role of the joint meetings of people's governments at all levels on national fitness work, and promote the improvement of the national fitness work mechanism featuring government leadership, social cooperation, public participation, and legal protection. Local people's governments at or above the county level should incorporate the national fitness program into their economic and social development plans, formulate and introduce local implementation plans for national fitness, improve the diversified investment mechanism, and encourage social forces to participate in the construction of the national fitness public service system. The General Administration of Sport shall, together with relevant departments, follow up, evaluate and supervise the implementation of the situation of the people's governments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government).

(十二)We will expand the ranks of fitness professionals.We will innovate the training mode of fitness personnel for all, and bring into full play the role of the Internet and other scientific and technological means in personnel training. Strengthen fitness guidance, organization and management, scientific and technological research and development, publicity and promotion, volunteer services and other aspects of talent training supply. We will open up all kinds of training channels, guide and support social forces to participate in the training of fitness personnel, and form a diversified training system and scientific evaluation mechanism for fitness personnel. Actively yet prudently promote the professional title evaluation of coaches guiding mass fitness.

(十三)We will strengthen the security of public fitness programs.We will strengthen supervision over the safe operation of various fitness facilities, encourage the deployment of first-aid equipment in public sports venues, and ensure that the opening services of various public sports facilities meet standards for epidemic prevention, emergency response, evacuation, product quality and fire safety. Establish safety and emergency guarantee mechanisms for national fitness events. Establish a tiered management and control system for outdoor sports safety. We will implement a tiered network security protection system, strengthen the security protection of information systems related to national fitness and personal information. We should put prevention and control first, make dynamic adjustments, and coordinate the holding of events and the prevention and control of COVID-19.

(十四)To provide intelligent fitness services for all.We will promote online and smart sports events, and support emerging sports such as smart fitness, cloud sports and virtual sports. To develop a national community sports activity management and service system, build a national national fitness information service platform and electronic maps of public sports facilities, promote the establishment of national fitness information service platforms at the provincial and municipal levels, and provide services such as fitness facility inquiry and reservation, sports training registration, and fitness guidance. We will gradually form an intelligent service mechanism for national fitness featuring timely information release, convenient service access, and efficient information feedback.

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