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The news briefing of sports Services thematic Exhibition of the 2021 Service Trade Fair was held in Beijing

Yang Haibin, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, gao Yunchao, deputy director of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center, attended the press conference on Sports services of China International Trade in Services 2021 in Beijing, Capital of China, Aug. 3, 2019. The conference was presided over by Zhang Hua, second-level inspector of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports.





The special exhibition on sports services will be held in Beijing Shougang Park from September 3 to 7, including three exhibition areas of international sports service trade, winter sports and sports culture integration, with the theme of "Sports make Cities more exciting". International sports service trade sectors by Beijing China united international sports consulting co., LTD to undertake, exhibition display, BBS, trade matching meeting and signing ceremony, results published, in response to the demand of new times, followed by sports fashion, advocating cross-border fusion new direction, pushing forward the new science and technology as the main window, will be in the form of online and offline synchronous display, Participants can participate and observe the exhibition 24 hours a day, to create a "never-ending service trade fair".

Among them, the international sports service trade exhibition area is 3,300 square meters, divided into competitive sports, sports and tourism integration, sports and education integration, sports and medical integration, digital sports and talk about the results of the six zones, mainly invited industry leading enterprises, international enterprises to show the latest sports service products. The recruitment work has been successfully completed, with more than 80% of the leading enterprises in the industry. More than 90% of the exhibition area is held in the form of special decoration. Immersive interactive design increases the interaction between exhibitors, exhibits and visitors, making sports service consumption within reach. At the press conference, the representatives of the world Professional Billy and Snooker Association, Beijing Superposition Technology Co., LTD and Beijing Aokanda Sports Industry Co., LTD introduced their special products, services and current exhibition preparation.



Tian Qian, information officer of the World Professional Billy and Snooker Association in China, spoke




Beijing superposition state Technology Co., LTD chief scientist Zhong Feipeng spoke




Beijing Ao Kang da sports industry Co., Ltd. chairman Wei Cheng spoke first


At present, the conference of international Sports Service Trade Forum is being prepared in a tense and orderly way. This exhibition will set up a main forum, two series forums (International Leisure sports Tourism Development Forum, China's "Three Balls" development Forum) and a promotion conference. Based on the new demand of sports service development in the new era, centering on the new trend of international sports service trade development, the forum will set up discussion topics in combination with strategic opportunities such as "building a sports power", "leisure sports and sports tourism", and "the reform and development of the three Major spheres". Invitation, wen brigade headquarters related departments of the state sport general administration manager, international single sports association, famous universities and experts and scholars in the field of sports and sports industry head enterprises, head of the communication, to carry out sports service trade policy and authoritative interpretation, sports industry information service success experience sharing, inspired a new era sports service supply side of the new way of thinking, Meet the people's new demand for sports service consumption upgrading. At the same time, a number of high-quality sports service projects at home and abroad will be recommended in an all-round and multi-angle manner at the promotion meeting to promote international exchanges and cooperation in the global sports service industry and promote the development of China's sports service trade.

International sports trade in services trade matching part of the plates will be released by the meeting collect, online and offline docking, after the tracking service, improve the sports service supply and demand docking communication, trade matching efficiency, by the end of the conference, has enlisted assembly of more than 400 projects, intention of signing project amount is more than 60, four results released project.

As the only professional trading platform for sports service trade in China, THE special Exhibition of Sports services of THE Service Trade Fair is committed to providing efficient display and trading services for the owners, management and operation institutions of global sports resources, government authorities, sports investors, sports sponsors and all kinds of sports service institutions. Since its inception in 2012, the Sports & Clothing Fair has attracted tens of thousands of exhibition merchants from more than 50 countries and regions to participate in negotiations and cooperation, and released more than 1,000 items of industry projects and demand information, with on-site signing of nearly 16 billion yuan. It has become a stage for the display of global high-quality sports innovative services, a window for the release of international sports service trade policies and information, a platform for the docking and trading of sports service trade enterprises of various countries, and an important bridge for the introduction of international advanced sports services and the "going out" of Chinese sports services.

At last, Yang Haibin, on behalf of Beijing Sports Bureau, invited domestic and foreign sports service enterprises, institutions, experts and media friends to actively participate in the sports service special Exhibition of 2021 Service Trade Fair, and share the grand exhibition and development opportunities.


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